Early in 2016, police authorities started a drive wherein children found begging were being ‘cleaned off’ the streets by picking them up and sending them to Children’s Homes, thus separating them from their parents. These children came under the ambit of the Juvenile Justice System as Children in Need of Care and Protection. Child Welfare Committee under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 appointed Prerana to assist in following-up on these children.
Sanmaan is based on the premise that a positive intervention should take place before, rather than after the intervention of the police. The children are scattered to a large area and belong to different ethnic groups. In the initial stages, the project actively worked with duty bearers like the women and child dept., child protection authorities, police and such others. Assistance was provided to the state in the process of rehabilitation of the children victims who were rescued from begging. The project also works closely with the families through intensive outreach by facilitating engagement of the children in developmental activities such as school enrolment, family counselling, school monitoring visits, home visits, networking with other organizations working on child rights for sustained education and overall growth.