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Communications & Advocacy

Having established our work on the field with victims of commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking, and offering the much-needed services to the women and children, a need to better understand the issue was felt. Around the year 2000, with active support from the US State Department, Prerana initiated the Anti-trafficking Center (ATC). The primary objective of this intervention was to serve as a think tank for matters relating to anti-trafficking across the South Asia region. The Center began with analyzing and understanding the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 and its implementation on the field to put forth the nuances and shortcomings and better represent the victims at tables where such policy decisions were being made. The Anti-trafficking Center, which served as a onestop-shop for information on anti-trafficking was converted into an online resource center around the year 2016. Through an online resource center, the organization hopes to disseminate, discuss and engage audiences on best practices in the field, latest news items on Anti-Human Trafficking, publish academic and field research conducted by institutions, etc. 

Anti-Trafficking Center

Regional Extension (in Hindi) of our Anti-Trafficking Center