Night Care Centers

The NCC program was initiated as a response to an expressed need of prostituted women. The NCC is typically a space where children are taken complete care of so that they are away from the red-light areas during the dangerous night hours. The NCC provides services such as – protected shelter, wholesome nutrition, education support, safe play options, safe sanitation options, and opportunities for skills development, awareness sessions, and an overall platform for holistic personality development and growth. Prerana has set up four NCCs, which are located in/near the red-light areas of Kamathipura (two NCCs), Falkland Road and Vashi-Turbhe Stores. The NCC program is managed by a team of nine dynamic members headed by Ms. Mugdha Dandekar. The NCCs have a comprehensive nutrition and health component which adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach with regard to service delivery. Carefully planned nutritious meals are served to children four times a day (six times during Prerana’s Day to Day Summer Camp). The health and medical services have a systematic process which includes a complete general health check-up, periodic follow-ups and an end-to-end support for management of specific medical conditions.