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Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

To women and children who are victims of or vulnerable to human trafficking, Prerana wants to be a trusted partner who will empower them to dream of and eventually realize a dignified life where they can make informed choices without fear of being judged, exploited or endangered in any way.

To those who would like to volunteer, Prerana is a place where passion to make a difference is harnessed in the form of hands-on field experience. This, in turn, leads to a deeper understanding of the issues and formulation of creative solutions.

To those who would like to contribute financially, Prerana offers complete transparency in how your money is being used with the hope that you will trust us to identify areas of our operation that need help on a priority basis.

In order to fulfill this goal Prerana works through the following objectives:

  1. To create conditions whereby the actual and potential victims of CSE&T can choose an alternative life from among various options, as this is their right.
  2. To create Awareness among the victims of trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of their human and civil rights and to Empower them through programs that address HIV/AIDs.
  3. To take up Advocacy work on behalf of victims wherever required.
  4. To make consistent efforts for affecting appropriate Changes in the Legislation, Policy, and Programmes pertaining to trafficking and prostitution domestic, and international.
  5. To undertake Research & Documentation and provide Consultations in the field of CSE&T.
  6. To undertake Sensitization and Training Programmes (STP) for government 
    organizations, non profits, international , non-government organizations, UN agencies, the police and other agencies to further the anti-trafficking work.
  7. To set up and run a Resource Centre with information in the field of CSE&T.
  8. To establish and run a Network of organizations working for the cause of the VOCSET (Victims of CSE&T) and against Trafficking.